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Our expert engineers will help you to design, build, deploy and manage your POD, including the applications.


When you call for support, you’ll only speak with engineers who know your solution. Our team of UK-based engineers are 2nd line or above. They work alongside our teams of 3rd line engineers, DevOps technicians and account managers. This gives you the confidence that any service request can be resolved swiftly.

Account manager

Your direct contact at Synextra, your Account Manager is here to help you get the most from your POD. Wherever, whenever.

2nd line & Senior 2nd line Engineers

Our 2nd Line Engineers are trained in-house by our senior management team, to ensure they can help you from the first phone call.

3rd line Engineer

With years of experience working with Cloud, our 3rd line Engineers are here to help with complex infrastructure changes and deployments.

DevOps Technician

A dedicated DevOps Technician is on-hand to help you take control of your POD with our SWIFT portal & Infrastructure-as-Code development kit.

Network Manager

Sitting at the edge of the network is our Network Manager. They work with our networking team to ensure every POD is connected 24/7/365.


Every POD comes with standard support included, which will assist your team in deploying and managing your POD. However, our exceptional support also has other benefits, which can enable your business to run more efficiently as well:

A real human to talk to

With a dedicated hotline, you know you’ll always be able to reach one of our skilled engineers – even whilst out of hours for emergency situations.

Quicker resolution times

With support from Synextra’s POD experts, we can help you to solve problems faster and bring your ideas to market. Because our team is your team.

Outages receive priority

Outages recieve absolute priority over everything else at Synextra. Our engineers won’t put the phone down until you’re back up and running.

Out-of-hours support

Every POD comes with 24/7 support for critical faults, ensuring you always have access to a dedicated engineer when you need them most.

In-depth VM expertise

Optimise your POD-powered solutions by taking VM support.* We can help you to streamline deployments, helping you to save CPU cycles, storage, bandwidth and more.

Assistance with applications

When you take advanced or enterprise support, you can use our years of experience with popular, business-orientated applications to help troubleshoot front-end and back-end issues.***


Every POD comes with standard support, leaving you in complete control of your Cloud solution – much like controlling the front-end of in-house servers, but without having to worry about infrastructure maintenance. However, we do offer support packages for businesses that need to offload certain tasks or need a completely hands-free solution.

POD Support Plans Standard
(included with every POD)
Advanced Enterprise
Best for: Businesses with skilled IT staff and departments who can build & manage VMs, and troubleshoot them. Businesses that need to offload specific tasks to reduce their burden or require additional support. A completely managed solution, where Synextra’s expert technicians take care of your POD and everything in it 24/7/365.
Ticket Support
Phone Support
24/7 POD Support
VM Support*
VM Monitoring**
App Support***
On-Premise VM Support
* Price per VM in ‘Advanced’ support plan – inclusive with Enterprise. ** Price per VM. *** List of supported apps available online.


POD is the UK’s only True Cloud solution that is designed to give you complete control over your business’ Cloud Infrastructure.

Recieve a call back from a POD specialist.

Data protection is a priority at Synextra, which means we won’t share your personal data with anyone else. We only ask for your details to assist you on your journey to the Cloud.