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Move your whole IT setup seamlessly into the cloud with SmartStac:
A robust, powerful and future proof cloud hosting platform.

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The ultimate enterprise environment

Everything we do is powered by SmartStac™, our bespoke, flexible and secure, private cloud platform. Whether you’re rolling out Hosted Desktops across multiple sites, or simply Hosting your client’s websites, SmartStac was built to deliver the blazing fast performance you need to get work done – 24/7/365.


Realistic 99.99% uptime

By using only the best-of-breed in hardware and software, from trusted and experienced partners such as Cisco, HP, NetApp and Citrix, your solution is built to stay live, 24/7/365.

All of the cloud, none of the hassle

By moving your IT into SmartStac – our secure, UK-based platform – you can focus your talents on growing your business. Keep control of your data, without having to keep on top of it.

Backed up as standard

With inclusive, offsite, nightly backups, SmartStac was designed to meet even the most stringent of Data Recovery plans. Are you prepared for hardware loss or failure?

Designed to be smarter

Not only is SmartStac self-healing, but we can proactively monitor and manage it from the comfort of our own office, removing the need for costly onsite callouts.
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We have complete control of our platform

By building our own bespoke cloud platform, we can choose what hardware to build in and what services to offer. We've used a combination of Cisco, HP, NetApp, Citrix and VMWare technologies to create the ultimate blend of enterprise hardware and software. However, we never stop innovating upon SmartStac. So watch this space for all of the awesome technology we're building into it now and in the future.

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You have complete control of your data

Establishing your own private cloud solution has never been so easy. Unlike other cloud providers, we offer you a greater level of access to your solution, without unnecessary fees for backups or management. SmartStac gives you all of the control and none of the hassle.


Quick & easy deployment

Our expert technicians & account managers will sort everything out for you as quickly as possible. Experience a no-fuss installation and quick cloud ‘lift-off.’

Easy scalability

SmartStac easily scales up with your business. Adding more space or additional users is as easy as picking up the phone to your dedicated account manager.

Easy OpEx

Establish your own private cloud with a low and predictable monthly fee, instead of investing thousands of pounds on new, physical servers and hardware.

A new way of using the Cloud

When you choose to work with Synextra, you’re choosing to use SmartStac; a wholly UK-based cloud platform that gives you greater access and greater control over your data than ever before. SmartStac is the powerhouse behind our incredible SmartStac Cloud Hosting.

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Hosted Desktop: Powered By SmartStac™

Did you know that our flagship Hosted Desktop is hosted in our award-winning SmartStac platform? With our strong and scalable SmartStac platform at its core, our Hosted Desktop solution performs like no other.

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