Last Mile Wireless from Synextra.
Faster Installations. Faster Connections. Faster You.

With a Last Mile Wireless connection from Synextra, you’ll benefit from fibre-like speeds without the costly installation fees and install times. Make your business cloud-ready with a superfast Last Mile Wireless connection from Synextra.

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The fastest Internet just went wireless

Is your Internet slinking along at snail’s pace or even worse, does it drop out on a consistent basis, restricting you from rolling out business-boosting cloud solutions? With its fibre-like speeds and quicker-than-fibre SLA, here are the 4 main ways Last Mile Wireless makes everything faster.


Faster installations

Why should your business wait months for a fibre installation – That’s not fast. With Last Mile Wireless, your new, superfast connection can actually be online in 20 working days. Now that’s fast.

Faster connections

With our Last Mile Wireless connections, you can scale your connection speeds from 10 to 1000 Megabits per second, so you’ll always get exactly the bandwidth you need.

Faster fixes

We like to do things differently. That’s why we monitor our network 24/7/365, to keep everything running smoothly. This kind of service just isn’t possible with national providers.

Faster you

With your business no longer shackled to a slow and sluggish connection, you can finally reach your true potential. Put your time and effort into your work, rather than into phone calls with tech support. We've got this.

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Satellite Receiver For Last Mile Wireless

What is Last Mile Wireless?

Combine the speed and resiliency of a dedicated Fibre connection, with the ease-of-use of Wifi and you’ll have Last Mile Wireless. Beaming superfast fibre-speed connections directly into your office, LMW is a fantastic alternative when Fibre installations are too costly or just not possible.

  • Suitable for large and medium sized businesses
  • Can be moved between premises easily
  • Can be installed in as little as 20 days
  • Speeds from 10 to 1000 Megabits per second
  • Industry-leading 4 hour SLA
ISDN Gateways Connects To Avaya Phone System

Looking to Move All Your Connections Away From ADSL?

If you're looking at moving away from ageing ADSL connections, it might be time to move your phone systems on to your Internet Connection too. With Fibre or LMW connections, you'll finally have the bandwidth required to enjoy high-quality calls, whilst benefitting from lower call rates and zero inbound line charges.

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Looking To Resell LMW?

If you’re looking for a Fibre alternative for your customers, then look no further. Last Mile Wireless has the same fast speeds, a faster SLA (4 hours versus 5 for Fibre) and the fastest install times. Within two weeks, your customers can break free from physical connections.

Plus, when you join Synextra’s Partner Programme, you can also resell our fantastic Cloud solutions – all hosted on our award-winning infrastructure.

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