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Why Should I Upgrade To An ISDN Gateway?

If you're still using a traditional ISDN connection, then you're missing out on a world of features and cost-savings that SIP and VoIP solutions have to offer. However, completely replacing ISDN systems isn't a viable option for some businesses. For instance, you may have made large investments into your ISDN infrastructure and want to retain its value. This is where the ISDN Gateway comes in.

An ISDN Gateway bridges the gap between traditional ISDN phones lines and SIP solutions, saving you from making complex and expensive changes to your existing telephony and artwork infrastructure.

How Does An ISDN Gateway Work?

The best thing about an ISDN Gateway? You don't need to make any changes to your existing system. Just disconnect the connections from your existing BT Primary Rate (ISDN 30) or Basic Rate (ISDN 2) service and connect them to the ISDN Gateway. The Gateway then converts ISDN signals into a TCP-IP stream of data, that a SIP system can understand.

In a nutshell: ISDN goes in and SIP comes out. All without having to make any changes or investments to the underlying infrastructure.


Step 1. ISDN Signals Come In To Your Office


Step 2. Gateway Converts These Signals


Step 3. SIP Phones & More Connect to Gateway

How Can I Use An ISDN Gateway?

An ISDN Gateway isn't just about moving away from traditional phone lines. It's all about connecting legacy phone infrastructure to modern VoIP systems with ease.

1. For instance, businesses with legacy phone equipment (like an analog PBX) might want to connect to SIP Trunks to lower their call costs, without having to make significant upfront investments to change their existing infrastructure.

2. Alternatively, ISDN Gateways are great for businesses that already use VoIP services, that want or need to use a redundant PSTN connection as an emergency fallback. The Gateway simply sits at the edge of your network and automatically manages both connections.

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Why Businesses Used An ISDN Gateway

Are you using one of the ~3.2 million ISDN trunks still used every day by UK businesses? Then you're a part of an ever-shrinking club that has yet to move to a SIP or VoIP solution. Is it because you're trying to retain as much value from your existing infrastructure as possible? Can your PBX not handle SIP Trunks? Or is it just too costly to add SIP Trunk support to your current PBX?

If you answered yes to any of the above roadblocks but, still want to lower your business' monthly spend on calls, then you should seriously consider an ISDN Gateway.

Below, we'll go through the reasons some of our customers have switched to an ISDN Gateway and why they haven't looked back.

To Save Your Existing Investment

If your PBX can't support SIP, you might think that you're then stuck with your existing infrastructure. So you're willing to put up with the unnecessary costs of ISDN line rentals and suffer through the issues of an ageing infrastructure.

But if you switched to an ISDN Gateway, you'd remove the costs of ISDN rentals and immediately lower your monthly call charges. All without having to make any changes to your existing infrastructure or make any additional investments.

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To Lower Your Monthly OpEx

Every business knows there are two ways to effectively grow: increase your prices or lower your overheads. Good businesses strike a balance between the two. Great businesses actually increase the value a solution delivers, whilst lowering their overheads.

Moving your calls with an ISDN Gateway is a tried-and-tested way of lowering your overheads. Save money by removing ISDN line rental charges and lowering call rates – whilst keeping the quality that ISDN is known for.

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You're Locked Into ISDN Rentals

If you're locked into a contract for ISDN rentals, you'd be remiss for thinking you can't save your business money because you're tied down.

However, although you might not be able to immediately remove the costs of ISDN rentals, you'll be able to immediately lower your call rates by up to 60%.

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