SmartStac™ Hosted VoIP.
The future of business telephony, today.

With advanced enterprise features, higher call quality and cheaper call rates compared to traditional telephony, SmartStac Hosted VoIP will deliver instant ROI – giving your UK business the competitive advantage it needs to succeed.

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Become the talk of the town

This next-generation business phone system can deliver HD calls over the internet and straight to your desk phone, meaning you can lower your phone bills up to 60%, whilst reducing outlay on infrastructure and overheads – saving your company serious money. With Hosted VoIP from Synextra, talk really is cheap.


60% cheaper

Reduce outgoing costs with our cheaper call rates and lower overheads – All for just £8.50 per handset per month. Increase customer satisfaction too thanks to our superior audio quality.

HD quality calls

Unlike other providers, we reinforce our systems with a superfast Internet connection that’s designed to support HD quality voice communications and other data-intense services.

Efficiently scalable

Legacy phone systems (such as ISDN) are clunky, expensive and limited to 2 or 30 channels per circuit. With a Synextra VoIP system you can scale up effortlessly on a per user basis.

Global reach

Synextra can deliver a variety of numbers such as; 03, 05 & 07 with ease. Calls can even be transferred to your mobile, between offices or to other countries seamlessly.

"We have implemented Synextra’s Hosted VoIP system and I am thrilled with the results. Not only have we seen extensive savings of over 50%, but the increased flexibility offered with this system – such as the ability to divert calls instantly – has been a Godsend. I am saving money not having to call out engineers for faults and changes, and I couldn’t be more satisfied with the service we have experienced.”

Craig Young – CS Outsourcing Solutions

Hosted VoIP: Every business feature you need

Hosted VoIP isn’t just for co-located call centers or multi-floor corporations. It’s for the startups, the boutique studios, not-for-profits and charities too. Below you'll find many of the great inclusive features that come with SmartStac Hosted VoIP, that can benefit businesses of every shape & size.

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A Better Way To Do Business Communications

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Hosted VoIP & Hosted Desktop: A Perfect Match

With Hosted VoIP from Synextra, you have the ability to take your number with you, wherever you go. With Hosted Desktop, you can now take your desktop with you too. Just login to your desktop on any device with an Internet connection, anywhere in the world, to securely access your critical apps & documents.

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