SmartStac™ Hosted Desktop.
Break Free From The Old.

SmartStac Hosted Desktop moves your entire PC into the cloud, making it available anywhere in the world, on almost any device. With everything you need included right out of the box, make your IT simple, invisible and seamless.

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Upgrade Your PCs For Life.

Imagine how great it would be if you never had to replace your desktops and laptops ever again. Imagine if you never had to buy another server ever again. With Hosted Desktop, this is a reality. Your devices become thin clients, with all of the processing done in our state-of-the-art data centres – which we constantly upgrade, to keep on the leading-edge of performance.

How is SmartStac Hosted Desktop Different?

SmartStac Hosted Desktop is designed to give you the best possible experience; with superior performance, availability and support. Because we built and wholly-own our solution – with only the best-in-class technology from HP, Cisco and more – we can offer you all the performance you need, whenever you need it. We can also monitor, manage, secure and support your solution, from our data centres to your screens.

But how does it compare to the PC in your office?

* Additional cost, time and software required

SmartStac Citrix Hosted Desktop
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Supported Operating Systems Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, Linux, Blackberry + More

Windows Apps in Hosted Desktop on MacBook Pro

What is a Hosted Desktop?

Instead of storing your Operating System, files and programs on your laptop or desktop, Hosted Desktop stores them in the cloud instead. All you have to do is login on any device, anywhere in the world and your desktop will be there. You can access all of your programs and files as normal – it really does look and act like a normal PC. However, our solution vastly improves everything; from performance to security, to the user experience.

*Gmail, Hotmail & Personal Email Addresses Not Permitted

Citrix vs RDS: Which Is The Best For Your Solution?

Although RDS and Citrix share the same lineage, they’ve grown apart over the past 15 years.
Find out which is best for your Hosted Desktop solution.

Citrix vs RDS Breakdown

Faster. Smarter. Simpler.

With 2 tiered pricing options available, there's a Hosted Desktop to suit every business and budget.



A feature-rich Hosted Desktop solution
that’s the perfect first step into the Cloud


A highly-advanced Hosted Desktop,
purpose-built for complex environments

How Do They Compare?

All Hosted Desktops are powered by Citrix, protected by leading anti-virus and come with a full Windows desktop. So, no matter which option you take, you know you have everything you need to be secure and productive. Below are the key differentiators between the three tiers, helping you to quickly identify which best fits your business' needs. To see the full features comparison, download the Features Matrix below the table.

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Support of On-Premise Devices Optional
Full Application Support Optional
Inclusive Office365 E1 License Optional

"When our old firewall slowed to a halt, Synextra went above and beyond to replace it with one of their spares in less than a day. They got us up and running, and their ongoing support since has been fantastic. Thanks guys!”

Andrew Walton – Reality Mine

secures hosted desktop that has inclusive anti-virus based in the UK

Iron-clad security as standard

Everyone should be able to work with complete confidence, no matter how IT-capable they are. That’s why we protect our Hosted Desktop with industry-leading antivirus and anti-malware solutions. They work in the background to protect your session from unwanted intruders, stopping nefarious files at the source. Our solution always work over a secure connection as well. This means that your session is always protected from prying eyes, even on a public wifi connection.


  • Sessions are protected by industry-leading antivirus
  • Enterprise-grade Firewalls shield your data away from the public internet
  • Malware, spam and other threats are stopped dead in their tracks
  • Data is transferred with 256bit SSL encryption
  • Hosted Desktop can be used securely on public connections
  • Public PCs can be used safely without issue

Office 365 for every Hosted Desktop user

Office 365 is built directly into your SmartStac Hosted Desktop, delivering the perfect enterprise solution for your business, in one simple package. Even better than that, all of your Office 365 licenses are included in your Hosted Desktop solution too. So, if someone new joins the company, all you have to do is create a new account and they'll be ready to go.

Less stress. More productivity.

  • Comes with 50GB mailbox per user
  • Licenses are integrated into SmartStac
  • Features powerful productivity tools
  • Apps operate at blazingly quick speeds
  • No upfront investment necessary*
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virtual pc is available from anywhere using an iPad or other similar tablet devices

SmartStac™ Store: Your files on the go

With SmartStac™ Store, all of your files are automatically synced with the cloud, so any changes you make using your Hosted Desktop will be replicated everywhere. Start a document on your office PC and pick right up where you left off on your laptop.

Remove the hassle of maintaining backups and the threat of losing your data, all without lifting a finger.

  • 10GB of storage per user as standard
  • Files can be mirrored to your local PC
  • Files and data are stored securely in cloud
  • Offsite, nightly backups as standard
  • Scale up storage space with ease
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So smart, IT almost supports itself

With SmartStac Hosted Desktop, we can replace your PCs and servers with thin clients – eradicating 99% of typical IT issues. Combine this with the self-healing technology in SmartStac and you'll see why our cloud-based solutions practically take care of themselves.

However, if the unexpected happens, our expert engineers are always monitoring your solution, allowing them to spot and stop problems before they can affect you. Our engineers can also remote into your session and take control at your request. So, they can fix your problems on the fly or just show you the best way to use your Hosted Desktop.

Even more benefits

The features don’t stop here – there’s hundreds of benefits to using SmartStac Hosted Desktop. We've highlighted a few more below, that will help make your business IT secure, seamless and invisible.


Industry-leading SLAs

With a 4 hour SLA and 24/7/365 support for critical faults, help is just one phone call away. We’ll focus on keeping everything live, so you can focus on the 9-5.

Integrate existing apps

Whether it’s an industry-standard app, or software that’s bespoke to your business, we can integrate it into your solution with ease.

Add new users in minutes

Have a freelancer working on a curent project? Emergency temp or maternity cover? Just call your account manager to set up new users in minutes.

Spending too much time managing IT?

Your skills and time would be better invested in strategic business projects. Get time back today by starting a FREE, 7 day Hosted Desktop trial.

Which cloud is right for me?

Transitioning to the cloud from onsite servers? Have an existing cloud platform in place?
No matter the size or nature of your business, our experts will help you find
the right solution for your needs.

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