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Keep your business safe from safe from 91% of hacking attacks – without even lifting a finger.

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Why do I need Hosted Anti-Spam?

Did you know that 91% of email-based hacking attacks are completely avoidable? Hosted Anti-Spam from Synextra acts as an intermediary between your mail server and the world wide web, safeguarding your business from email viruses; spam attacks, phishing campaigns, data leaks & much more.


Emails are protected

Shielding you against spam, malware, viruses and other terrible things that might have otherwise hit your email inbox, Hosted Anti-Spam from Synextra provides you and your company with the security that you need, 24/7.

Employees are focused

With a dedicated anti-spam server, you only have to focus on the important emails – because that’s all there is. All of the spam has been stopped at the source and you didn’t even have to lift a finger to make it happen.

Everything is safe

If your email server were to ever go down, all of your emails would be caught & cached in a separate, secure location. Then, once you're back online with our 4 hour SLA, all of your emails will be redelivered back to you.

What Hosted Anti-Spam can do for you

Whether you're a small business or a large healthcare group, if you use email, you're susceptible to spam. All you have to do is open the wrong email and your entire IT infrastructure could be compromised. Below are a few of the businesses that can be affected by spam, and how they can benefit from Hosted Anti-Spam by Synextra.


By installing a Hosted Anti-Spam solution, your school (or other institution) can safeguard your pupils and staff from opening malicious email, which would spread throughout your IT infrastructure without the appropriate defences in place. And, you wouldn't even have to worry about managing onsite servers. Servers which may bog down, due to the heavy demand of a large user base.

With Hosted Anti-Spam from Synextra, everything would be hosted in the cloud instead.

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As an SME, building a reputable brand is everything. Customers, channel-partners and potential investors have to trust you and your brand. Now imagine if they googled your business before a big meeting, and the top result was a news story about how you were recently hacked and lost a lot of customer data. How many do you think would still go ahead with that meeting?

With Hosted Anti-Spam from Synextra, your brand's reputation is protected by the best-in-business anti-spam software.

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Unauthorised access to (or the loss of) personal and confidential information can be detrimental to your ability to protect and safeguard patients and staff, such as doctors and clerks. Therefore, Healthcare organisations must take every step possible to protect sensitive data. Otherwise you may receive a substantial fine from the Information Commissioners Office – because in healthcare, any data breach is a serious data breach.

With Hosted Anti-Spam from Synextra, your email security is in safe hands.

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Creative Agency

Are you creating a big campaign for a major client? Branding a new patented system that has to remain under wraps until launch? Working under NDA? By opening up the wrong email (an email that could easily be filtered with Hosted Anti-Spam) you could be in breach of that NDA. You'll more than likely lose that client, come under legal pressure and ruin your reputation as a trustworthy agency.

With Hosted Anti-Spam from Synextra, that email wouldn't even make it into your inbox.

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How it works

Part spam filter and part email filter, Hosted Anti-Spam from Synextra protects your staff and their inboxes from all kinds of unscrupulous emails, so they can focus on getting work done.


Inbound Filtering

Filter every email instantly before it hits your server, without delaying the time it takes to receive them.

Link Protection

Protect your staff from malicious links in emails with our instantaneous safeguarding technology.

Outbound Filtering

Prevent employees from inadvertently sending malicious emails, keeping your business off spam block-lists.

Email Spooling

In the event of a server disruption, your emails can be spooled or redirected to a safe location.

Powered by Fortinet

Hosted Anti-Spam from Synextra is powered by Fortinet, the industry-leader in security and networking services since 2000.

Office 365: Anti-Spam Built In

Office 365 hosts your emails in the Cloud, behind secure firewalls and advanced anti-spam filters. So, if you’re tired of managing email servers or want a scalable, future-proof solution, Office 365 is the solution for you. We think it’s that good, we included it for free with our Enterprise-tier Hosted Desktop.

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